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The Laboratory of Organic Chemistry of Wageningen University is looking for a PhD student in Imaging Mass Spectrometry

We are looking for
The Laboratory of Organic Chemistry of Wageningen University is looking for a PhD student (AIO) on an NWO-funded project entitled “Next generation ambient imaging mass spectrometry for (bio)polymers and smart materials” [PolyImage].

Imaging mass spectrometry is a rapidly emerging technology for the molecular characterization of biological materials (such as tissue slices and cell cultures), synthetic polymers and chip surfaces. In this, the ionization source is critical – several options are available for this, and currently under intense scrutiny and development worldwide. For example, laser ablation electrospray ionization (LAESI) has been recently commercialized as a versatile ambient imaging MS tool. In this project LAESI fundamental parameters will be studied followed by the design, evaluation and application of innovative LAESI modifications, aiming at improved sensitivity and spatial resolution.

The project is a TA-COAST public-private partnership collaboration between Wageningen University, the FOM-institute AMOLF (Amsterdam) and several private partners. The job is mainly at Wageningen University but during the project, the PhD student will be seconded for short or medium-term periods to the project partners laboratories. The project will be embedded in the Graduate School VLAG.


We are looking for (short)

We are looking for a PhD student (AIO) on a collaborative NWO-project about next generation ambient imaging mass spectrometry.

You should have an MSc degree (or equivalent) in Analytical Chemistry, or comparable curriculum. A strong background and solid hands-on experience in organic mass spectrometry and a strong interest (or preferentially experience) in surface analysis is essential. Your affinity for the collaborative nature of the project, and good written and oral communication skills in English are crucial for the successful development of this study.
We offer
We offer you a temporary position for a period of 1.5 years with extension of 2.5 years after successful evaluation. Gross salary per month € 2042 in the first year rising up to € 2612 per month in the fourth year.
We not only offer a competitive salary but also good (study) leave and a pension of the ABP Pension Fund.
Additional information
For more information about this position, please contact prof. Michel Nielen, special chair of Analytical Chemistry at Wageningen University/Organic Chemistry, e-mail michel.nielen@wur.nl; or prof. Han Zuilhof, e-mail han.zuilhof@wur.nl.
For more information about the contractual aspects, please contact Mrs. N. de Vries (HR-advisor), telephone number +31 317485677.
You can apply online at http://www.wageningenur.nl/nl/Werken-bij.htm
We are
The Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (www.orc.wur.nl), headed by prof. Han Zuilhof, constitutes a large and interdisciplinary research team. We investigate the design, synthesis and behavior of (bio)active organic surfaces & molecules to address questions in the area of life sciences. The special chair on analytical chemistry (prof. Michel Nielen) has a strong focus on ambient ionization mass spectrometry of surfaces. Our laboratories are extremely well-equipped with all the necessary instruments for surface analysis, including
several high-end ambient ionization mass spectrometers, and have an extended experienced technical staff. In addition to this, embedding within Wageningen University and Research Center provides ample biological input. We are also involved in teaching and currently ca. 1300 students each year take part in one or more of the group’s courses.
The Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group is part of Wageningen UR, where fundamental and applied sciences complement each other. As an important European player, we carry out top-level research and Vacatureformat Promovendi (PhD) UK work alongside authoritative partners within the international business world as well as the government on “Healthy food in a biobased society”. We have a crucial role in innovations within the market. Entrepreneurship and professionalism are what define us. In short, we are an interesting, international employer of stature.
Wageningen University and Research centre
Delivering a substantial contribution to the quality of life. That’s our focus – each and every day. Within our domain, healthy food and living environment, we search for answers to issues affecting society – such as sustainable food production, climate change and alternative energy. Of course, we don’t do this alone. Every day, 6,500 people work on ‘the quality of life’, turning ideas into reality, on a global scale.
Could you be one of these people? We give you the space you need.
For further information about working at Wageningen UR, take a look at


Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.

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