The IonPix camera

We have recently brought to market the IonPix camera, a retrofit imaging detector for ToF based mass spectrometry systems. The detector is based on a 512×512 active pixel array, operating in parallel acquisition mode. Each pixel has its own dedicated electronics and registers individual ion arrival times digitally. This enables measurements without electronic noise, increases sensitivity and extends mass range. In addition the IonPix camera provides fast mass spectrometric imaging capabilities with high spatial resolution. The detector turns a single ToF-MS system into more than a quarter million parallel ToF-MS systems. The detector can be retrofitted to any standard 4” DN100CF flange.

Compatible with TOF MS systems

Omics2Image offers the IonPix camera as OEM and retrofit model.

True MS Imaging

The IonPix camera obtains large area mass resolved images (square millimeter) with submicrometer resolution of tissue at very high speeds. The figure shows a representation of such a dataset. This data was acquired within 6 hours, a comparable image would take 95 days with existing imaging Mass Spectrometry methods. The most recent version of our camera acquires the same data within half an hour, effectively 4000 times faster compared to existing methods.


High-resolution molecular image of 1 square mm area of mouse testis tissue, with a resolution of 500 nm/pixel.

Intact Proteins

Shane Ellis, PhD, presents results of the IonPix camera on high mass intact protein detection at ASMS on June 10th, 2013. The IonPix camera superior dynamic range allows resolving triple charged antibody lgG3+, which is barely visible above the noise in the spectrum of conventional detectors. The IonPix camera even detects low concentrations of modified lgG, which conventional detectors cannot resolve as it is hidden in their inherent noise level.

Specifications IonPix

  • 262 000 parallel detectors
  • Extremely high charge sensitivity for high mass detection
  • Increases mass range of MCP detectors
  • No electronic noise
  • Prolongs MCP lifetime
  • Micrometer spatial resolution
  • 5x faster spectra acquisition
  • Operates in linear and reflectron mode
Feature Timepix ADC TDC
MCP gain threshold 4*105 4*106 4*106
Time resolution 10 ns 2 ns 138 ps
TOF range (single experiment) 118 μs* 200 μs 60 μs
Multiplexed detection yes no no
Detection of ions arriving at the same time yes yes no
Electronic noise free yes no no
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